Flexibility and Beyond

Flexibility & Beyond with Travis Eliot is the world’s first-ever comprehensive and cinematic YIN YOGA program! Over the course of 8 weeks you will move through practices increasing your range of motion, restoring youthfulness to your body, helping manage stress, and injecting wisdom into your life. Are you ready to join me for 8 weeks of FLEXIBILITY & WISDOM?


Power Yoga GOLD

A 90 Day Yoga Program with Travis Eliot Get powered up with the world’s #1 most comprehensive power yoga program!


Online Yin Yoga Training

Yin yoga is more needed and in more demand than ever. After all, who doesn't want greater flexibility and less pain? An increased range of motion and less inflammation? If you or your students don't practice yin, you're missing out!


Yoga 30 for 30

Created by Lauren Eckstrom and Travis Eliot. This yoga program is designed for a busy schedule. All that's needed are 30 minutes a day.


The Ultimate Yogi

The Ultimate Yogi 12-Disc Set consists of a multi-faceted fitness, health and wellness program that that will transform your life over a 108-day period. Participants experience an exponential increase in flexibility, balance, strength, vitality, muscle tone and weight loss. Other benefits include a strengthening of self-confidence, heightened energy levels and a noticeable reduction in stress. The scientific community has confirmed that this daily practice will lower blood pressure, detoxify the bloodstream, increase vitality, improve weight loss, and define muscle tone.